California State ParksSelf-Guided Hikes at Trione-Annadel State Park

These hikes can be enjoyed anytime during open hours.
Open: Daily from 8am – Sunset
Dogs: are not allowed on trails.

Accessible Hikes
  • Warren P Richardson Trail to Two Quarry Intersection: From the Channel Drive parking lot (Richardson Trail Head), follow Richardson approximately 1 mile to the intersection with Two Quarry Trail. Rest at the bench or picnic table. Return the same route. Round trip: 2 miles; approximately 100 feet elevation gain, smooth fire road; blue parking spaces provided. Restroom, water and picnic area in parking lot. Shade in parking lot, first 0.7 miles, and at intersection bench and table.
  • Channel Drive: Park at the Visitor Center on Channel Drive. Follow the level paved road1 mile to the Richardson/Channel Drive parking lot. Recover. Return on same route. Round trip: 2 miles; completely smooth and level; wheelchair and stroller assessable.  Restroom, water and picnic tables at both ends. Enjoy the forest habitat on one side and creek habitat on the other. Wildflowers, mushrooms, wildlife. Dogs allowed on paved road. Full sun at Visitor Center, shade under oak; sun first few minutes then shade all the way to parking lot.
Easy Hikes
  • Parktrail Drive to Spring Creek Trail or Lake Ilsanjo: From Parktrail Drive neighborhood entrance, follow the neighborhood path to Canyon Fire Road, turn left on Canyon (no signs). Follow Canyon fire road to Spring Creek Trail (1/2 mile). Turn right onto Spring Creek Trail and follow along the creek as far as you like (1.3 miles to Lake Ilsanjo). Round trip to Lake and back:  3.4 miles; elevation gain on Spring Creek Trail to Lake Ilsanjo approximately 400 feet.  Canyon is smooth and level; Spring Creek is smooth packed dirt till the last 50 yards which is somewhat rocky but has a narrow smooth line for walking. Bench at ½ mile; picnic table at 1 mile and at Lake Ilsanjo. Sun along Canyon Trail, then full shade up Spring Creek to last 50 yards.
  • Channel Trail to Visitor Center: From the Channel Drive parking lot (Richardson Trail Head), take Channel Trail back along the road – the trail starts next to the Horse Water Trough near the parking lot entrance. Follow Channel Trail through forest habitat near the road for 1 mile to the Visitor Center. Rest. Return on same route or on the road. Round Trip: 2 miles, about 50 feet of elevation gain; varied trail surface of packed dirt and some rocky areas and stream crossings. Picnic tables, restrooms and water at both ends, picnic table about half-way. No dogs on trails. Enjoy getting off the road into the forest with flowers, mushrooms, wildlife, without being too far from the road, but just far enough off to feel like you are in the park. Full shade except last minute to Visitor Center.
Moderate Hikes
  • Richardson parking lot to Lake Ilsanjo: From the Channel Drive parking lot (Richardson Trail Head), follow Steve’s S Trail from just behind the bathroom buildings up to the fire road, cross the fire road and continue on Steve’s S Trail through dense shady forest (0.8 mile). At the top of Steve’s S, turn right onto WP Richardson Trail and follow to Lake Ilsanjo (1 mile). Turn left onto Lake Trail and follow around the Lake for 1.5 miles. Turn left onto Louis Trail at the intersection with Richardson; follow Louis to North Burma Trail (0.7 mile). Turn right onto North Burma to Richardson Trail (0.2 mile). Turn left onto Richardson and follow back to the parking lot (2 miles). Round trip: about 6 miles, elevation gain approximately 600 feet. Louis is fairly uneven trail surface. Picnic tables at various locations along this route, restrooms at parking lot and lake; water only at parking lot. Deep shade to Richardson, then in and out of spotty oak shade to lake. Mixed shade and full sun on Lake Trail – picnic tables in shade.
  • Lawndale to Ledson Marsh, out and back: From Lawndale Parking Lot, follow Lawndale Trail through variety of oak, manzanita and redwood forest habitats to Ledson Marsh. At Marsh Trail, turn left and follow the level fire access road around the south end of Ledson Marsh to Pig Flat picnic table. Rest. Return same route. Round trip 6.8 miles; elevation gain approximately 800 feet. Picnic table at 0.5 mile and at Pig Flat. No restrooms, no water, no dogs. Full shade to power lines, then full sun to Ledson Marsh, scattered shade to picnic table.
  • Rough Go—Live Oak—North Burma—Spring Creek Loop: From Stonehedge Drive neighborhood parking, follow the neighborhood path to Canyon Trail (fire road, no signs). Turn right on Canyon Trail to Rough Go Trail Head (0.5 mile), turn left on Rough Go. Follow Rough Go to Live Oak Trail (1.5 miles), turn left on Live Oak. Turn right on North Burma (0.9 mile) and follow to Louis Trail (0.7 mile). Turn right on Louis and follow to fire road (0.7 mile). Continue straight ahead on Lake Trail to picnic area/bathroom (about 0.2 mile). Continue right on Lake Trail to the dam at Lake Ilsanjo (about 0.6 mile). Turn left on Spring Creek Trail and follow to Canyon Trail (1.2 miles), Turn right on Canyon and return to Stonhedge Trail Head (0.5 mile). Round Trip: 6.8 miles; elevation gain approximately 650 feet. Very rocky terrain on Rough Go and Live Oak Trails. Picnic table at Rough Go/Live Oak, lake picnic area, dam, halfway down Spring Creek Trail. Benches at Louis/Lake Trail, bottom of Spring Creek. No water, no dogs. Scattered shade some open sunny areas.
Strenuous Hikes
  • Two Quarry-South Burma Loop: From the Channel Drive parking lot (Richardson Trail Head), take Richardson to Two Quarry (0.9 mile), turn left onto Two Quarry and follow to Frey Canyon Overlook (1.5 miles). Continue right on Two Quarry to Marsh Trail (0.6 mile), bathroom and picnic area, no water. Turn left on Marsh and continue to right around Ledson Marsh to Ridge Trail (about 2 miles). Turn right onto Ridge Trail and follow to Marsh intersection (3.3 miles). Turn right on Marsh and follow to Buick Meadow (0.6 mile). Turn left and follow South Burma to Richardson (2.1 miles). Turn right on Richardson and continue to parking lot (2.3 miles). Round trip: 12.3 miles; about 1,500 feet elevation gain. Scattered shade and open sun in meadows. (Great work-out in either direction!)
  • Interior to Perimeter Loop: From Carrisa Avenue neighborhood parking, follow Vietnam Veteran’s Trail to Spring Creek Trail (about 0.6 mile). Take Spring Creek Trail to Lake Ilsanjo (1.2 miles), turn left on Rough Go then right onto Lake Trail (0.1 mile). Follow Lake Trail clockwise around Lake Ilsanjo to Louis Trail (about 0.8 mile). Turn left on Louis to North Burma (0.7 mile), right on North Burma to Richardson (0.2 mile). Turn left on Richardson to Two Quarry (1.1 miles). Turn right on Two Quarry and follow to Marsh Intersection (2.1 miles). Continue straight on Marsh past the bathroom to Buick Meadow (0.9 mile). Turn left on Marsh to Canyon Trail (2.2 miles). Take Canyon back to starting point at Spring Creek Trail Head and left just before the bridge back to the parking area. Round trip about 11.5 miles; elevation gain about 2,000 feet. Scattered shade and open sun in meadows and on Canyon Trail. See map for picnic table sites. No dogs. (Great work-out in either direction!)

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