Privacy policy

1. Information Collected Online by Sunnies

This Privacy Policy is intended to assist the Customer in understanding what information we gather about you when you visit this Online Store, how we use that information, and the safeguards we have in place for the information. By using the website and its related services, products, and software (collectively, the "Website"), you agree to be bound by this Privacy Policy and accept the terms hereof without any condition or reservation. Sunnies may make changes to the Website and the Privacy Policy and render them effective immediately upon posting in the Website without prior notice. It is your responsibility to review the Privacy Policy for updates or changes. If you do not agree with the Privacy Policy, you should not use the Website for any purpose therefore.

This Privacy Policy applies only to the information collected online by SUNNIES STUDIOS website.

General Browsing: Sunnies gathers:

  • Navigational information on the frequency of visits by Customers to various parts of the Online Store;
  • Information on technical efficiencies of the Online Store including time to connect to the site, time to download pages, etc.

Sunnies may likewise use third parties to provide comparative information on the performance of the Online Store, provide support for operating the website, monitor site activity, conduct surveys, maintain our databases, process product reviews and administer and monitor emails, surveys, contests.

Collection of Personal Information: Sunnies may request the Customer to provide personal information in connection with his or her use of the Online Store from time to time, including one’s name, email address, phone number, delivery address, date of birth, gender, comments on experiences on the Online Store or with Sunnies’ Products, your questions and messages or reminders you create, and other similar information.

Use of Personal Information Supplied by the Customer: Sunnies may use the personal information collected from Customers for purposes of:

  • Registration for the Online Store;
  • Processing Orders;
  • Making deliveries to the Customers;
  • Contacting the Customer to respond to inquiries, to coordinate regarding matters concerning Orders placed online, or to perform other similar Customer Service functions;
  • Verifying and carrying out financial transactions in relation to payments made online;
  • Auditing the downloading of data from the Online Store;
  • Carrying out research on our user demographics;
  • Sending the Customer emails on news, promotions, contests, surveys, or newsletters, provided that the Customer has not objected to being contacted for this purpose.

Use of Disclosed Information by Third Parties: Sunnies may share, transfer, and disclose personal information collected from Customers with third parties and affiliates in order to accomplish the abovementioned purposes. Sunnies shall endeavor to keep its Customers’ personal information secure from unauthorized access, collection, use, or disclosure by said third parties and affiliates, and shall retain such personal information only for as long as necessary to achieve the abovementioned purposes. Sunnies may also share, transfer, and disclose personal information to government authorities, at their request and only when legally required to do so.

Collection of Other Computer Data: Sunnies or its authorized third party service providers may use cookies, web beacons, and other similar technologies for storing information to improve Customer experience when using the Online Store. Sunnies’ company servers may automatically record the standard information that browsers send when accessing websites in general, which may include:

  • IP address;
  • Browser type;
  • Pages visited within the Online Store;
  • Time spent on the aforementioned pages, items and information searched for on the Online Store, access times and dates, and other statistics.

“Cookies” are small text files (typically made up of letters and numbers) placed in the memory of one’s browser or device when visiting a website or viewing a message. “Web beacons” are small graphic images that may be included on the Online Store which allow tracking of which pages are viewed by Customers.


2. Security of Personal Information

Sunnies ensures that all information collected will be safely and securely stored. Sunnies achieves this purpose by restricting access to personal information and maintaining technology products to prevent unauthorized computer access. Sunnies likewise utilizes Secure Sockets Layer (“SSL”) security protocols to manage and secure server authentication, client authentication and encrypted communication between servers and clients. To secure online payments, Sunnies utilizes fraud detection tools to monitor fraudulent activities or discrepancies in account information, and the 3-D Secure protocol to serve as an additional security layer for online credit card transactions.

Nonetheless, the Customer is responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of his or her Account, Password, and other personal information, and Sunnies shall not be held liable or responsible in any manner for any breach of security or unauthorized access or use of the Customer’s Account resulting from the Customer’s failure to maintain the confidentiality of such information. Sunnies is entitled to treat any use or access of the Online Store under a Customer’s Account as being made by the Customer himself and no other person, and that likewise any information, data or communications referable to the Customer’s Account shall be deemed to have been supplied by the Customer himself and no other person. Sunnies shall likewise be fully indemnified by the Customer against any action and for all losses attributable to any use of the Online Store referable to said Customer’s Username and Password.

If it is believed that the privacy of a Customer’s Account has been breached, it is recommended that Customer contact Sunnies immediately by e-mail at or by giving us a call at +63 917 6321 483.


3. Updating Personal Information

Customers may update their personal information at any time by accessing their Account through the Online Store. If one does not have an Account, he or she may create one by following the instructions on Registration found on the Terms and Conditions of the Online Store or posted on the website itself.


4. Links to Other Websites

The Online Store may contain links to other websites that may not be operated or owned by Sunnies. Sunnies is not responsible for the privacy practices, advertising, products or the content of such websites that are not owned or operated by it. Links that appear on the Online Store are not to be necessarily be deemed by implication to be owned or operated or endorsed by, or affiliated with Sunnies. It is encouraged that the Customer review the separate privacy policies of each of these websites.


5. Sunnies Newsletters

Customers may subscribe to Sunnies’ newsletter (“the Newsletter”) by filling out the newsletter subscription form on the Website. This will allow the Customer to receive on-line exclusive information about special offers, media events, new products and much more. Customers wishing to stop receiving future deliveries of the Newsletter may simply unsubscribe at any time through the Website or by clicking the “unsubscribe” link available in every e-mail from the Newsletter.


6. Amendments

Sunnies reserves the right to amend the terms of its Privacy Policy at any time and without giving any reason or prior notice by posting said amendments on the Online Store or by using such other method of notification as it may determine at its discretion.


7. Rights of Sunnies to Disclose

Sunnies has the right to disclose the personal information collected by it to any legal, regulatory, governmental, tax, law enforcement or other authorities or the relevant right owners, if there are reasonable grounds to believe that disclosure of said information is necessary for the purpose of meeting any obligations, requirements or arrangements, whether voluntary or mandatory under law, or for complying with the legal orders, or cooperating with investigations conducted of any nature by the proper authorities. To the extent permissible by applicable law, the Customer agrees not to take any action and/or waives his or her rights to take any action against Sunnies for the disclosure of any personal information under these circumstances.


8. Name And Likeness Authorization And Release

For valuable consideration, receipt and sufficiency of which is hereby acknowledged, I hereby grant Sunnies, its parents, subsidiaries, affiliates, agents, and assigns (collectively "Sunnies”) the absolute and irrevocable right and permission to use, re-use, publish, re-publish, publicly display, perform, transmit, exhibit, and reproduce my name, address, e-mail address, statements, video, voice, photograph, or other likeness, in whole or in part, individually or in conjunction with other material, including without limitation, text, photographs, video, or images, in any medium (whether now known or hereafter invented) and for any and all purposes, including but not limited to advertising, publicity, promotion, contests, packaging, and trade, throughout the world without restriction as to manner, frequency, or duration of usage. I agree that my name, address, e-mail address, statements, video, voice, photograph, or other likeness may be used with whatever visuals, copy, or other elements Sunnies may determine, in its sole discretion, for all media usage (including, but not limited to, usage on the Internet), and that nothing herein shall obligate Sunnies to use my name, address, e-mail address, statements, video, voice, photograph, or other likeness. I acknowledge that any and all contents uploaded by me on this Website (the “Content”) will be subject to Sunnies’ prior approval. Content must not be offensive, insulting, defamatory, slanderous, pornographic, vulgar, obscene, or blasphemous, may not in any way violate principles of public order and morality or potentially cause damage in any way to minors; may not contain religious or political declarations, nor may not be illegal for any reason in any jurisdiction. Content must not cause either directly or indirectly damages to any third parties, or solicit illegal behavior. Furthermore, Content must not violate the laws in force – including but not limited to copyright law and data protection law – or contain distinctive marks, intellectual or industrial property rights or other third-party rights; must not include content protected under copyright without express authorization from relevant copyright holder. Contents may not contain trademarks other than Sunnies, must not contain viruses or any software aimed at damaging or interfering in any way with this Website, including software interfering with the functionalities of the Sunnies or its service provider’s’ servers, software to grant access to data or other information and communications stored in such servers. Content must not contain advertising or promotional materials or other messages not relevant to the brand. In Sunnies sole opinion, content which does not meet any of these requirements and/or which Sunnies deems negative, offensive or controversial in any way, will be disqualified and blocked from public view. I acknowledge that any illegal behavior as well as any behavior that may result in danger to third party will be reported to the competent authorities. I further agree that all materials produced pursuant to this Authorization and Release are and shall remain the sole and exclusive property of Sunnies, and that I will not receive any kind of payment, remuneration, compensation or consideration of any kind. I represent and warrant that I have the right to grant Sunnies the above-mentioned rights without obtaining the permission of, or making any payments to, any third party or entity. I hereby waive any right I may have to inspect and approve the finished product and the advertising/publicity copy that may be used, and hereby release and discharge, indemnify and hold harmless Sunnies and its officers, directors, employees, contractors, agents, and any designees, including without limitation, Sunnies licensees, successors, and assigns, from and against any and all liabilities, losses, claims, demands, costs (including without limitation attorneys fees) and expenses arising out of or in connection with any use granted hereunder, including but not limited to any claims for defamation, invasion of privacy, right of publicity or copyright infringement. Regarding statements or representations attributable to me and provided by me, I hereby warrant and represent that such statements or representations accurately reflect my true and honest experience and/or belief. I agree to execute such additional documents confirming this as Sunnies may reasonably require. I represent that I am over the age required by law to enter into binding agreements, that all the people shot in the video/photographs are over the age required by law and that I have no conflicting contractual obligations that would interfere with my granting the rights herein granted. If I am under age, I represent that I was assisted by my parent or legal guardian and that such parent or guardian’s consent was obtained on my behalf to the terms and conditions of this Authorization and Release. If I am underage but either do not have a parent or legal guardian, or have not obtained their consent to be bound by these terms and conditions, I acknowledge that I am not allowed to, and shall not enter the Website nor use the same for any purpose, and upon Sunnies’ reasonable belief and information that in fact I am underage, Sunnies reserves the right to take all reasonable steps to modify or remove Content which I uploaded to the Website and do all other acts and deeds necessary to protect its interests. Sunnies further reserves the right to refuse service, terminate accounts or cancel orders in its sole discretion.