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97% of users* agree Anti-Rad is effective in blocking blue light to reduce eye strain and other screen-related problems *Based on a product study conducted by a research agency
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Anti-Rad Eyewear FAQs

  • Do Anti-Rad eyewear have prescription?​​

    They're ready-to-wear glasses with prescription-free lenses.​

  • Who needs Anti-Rad eyewear?​​​

    Anyone who spends at least an hour a day in front of digital devices such as phones, laptops, computers, and TVs. Especially those who experience screen-related problems such as digital eye strain.​

  • What's the difference between Screen Safe and Anti-Rad eyewear?​​​

    They both offer blue light protection. However, Screen Safe is a lens upgrade for prescription glasses, while Anti-Rad eyewear are ready-made with no prescription.​ ​

  • How does it protect your eyes?​​​

    Anti-Rad lenses are multi-coated with EMI (Electromagnetic Interference) for maximum blue light protection. This reduces radiation from digital screens.​ ​

  • How effective is it?​​

    Based on a product study by a research agency, 97% of users rated Anti-Rad eyewear as effective in blocking blue light to reduce eye strain and other screen-related problems. They are also certified by Intertek, the leading quality insurance provider.​ ​

  • Do the lenses have a yellowish or greenish tint?​​

    Our Anti-Rad lenses have a slight green tint, but you'll hardly notice it. This is because they are equipped with anti-reflective coating to reduce screen glare and promote ease of use even on screen-heavy days.​ ​

  • What are the benefits of Anti-Rad Eyewear?​​

    Reduces headaches and digital eye strain​

    Enhances focus and better learning​

    Promotes quality sleep​

  • What styles do you have in the Anti-Rad collection?​​

    Whether you're shopping for adults or kids, we have multiple styles for every face shape and style preference— may it be classic, contemporary, or a little mix of both.​ ​

  • Is there a difference between the adults and kids' styles?​​​

    Apart from the sizes, our kids' frames are designed for better comfort and adjustability.​​

    Temple arms are made of plant-based plastic for lightness and durability​​

    Nose pads are made of rubber for adjustability​​

    Temple tips are made of rubber for prolonged comfort​

  • What does an Anti-Rad Eyewear package include?​​

    Each purchase comes with a hard case and cleaning cloth.​

  • Where is it available?​​

    Anti-Rad Eyewear is available in-store, Shopee, Lazada, and on​​